[Image by Jana Kollarova ] There’s a science to writing great blog posts. If you follow the right formula, you can keep readers coming back for more. Fortunately, the formula isn’t difficult to follow. You don’t need a calculator or any math skills. You just need to do a few things and you will have a […]


6 Geeksome Computer Accessories

The computer is a wonderful thing; it’s amazing how much fun they can fit into one computer – sadly when you’re in the office most of those fun features are off-limits (namely solitaire), as you have to actually do work. That means you might need to enhance your computer’s fun factor in other ways! Luckily […]

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4 Ways To Repair Corrupted Excel Files

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MS Excel is spreadsheet format of Microsoft Office suite that enables a user to store, organize, and manage data. It is a spreadsheet consisting rows and columns, the intersection of a row and a column is called as a cell. Every cell in your Excel sheet is the basic unit for storing data. Moreover, you can apply complex calculations on the data stored on these cells and based on this data in cells, you can even create charts. In this way, MS Excel is the best way to manipulate and manage your numerical data.

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Installing Windows 8 on Virtual Machine

Windows 8 is already here and making some waves in the PC and tablet world. It has been the first time since Windows 95 that I have seen Microsoft radically revamped windows UI and did it for good. Not just that, it’s a solid operating system at its core, bringing the best of tried and […]

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Five Steps to Running a Blog like a Well-Oiled Machine

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[image courtesy: hisks] Running a successful blog is just like running any other profitable business out there. It requires commitment, time management, maintenance, innovation, and creativity. Without these big five, your personal blog may struggle to gather a strong following and will unlikely be able to sustain itself in the years to come. Yet when […]

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