Thesis 1.7 Custom File Editor Errors Out In WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0, the much awaited wordpress release so far, finally arrived and I was excited to try to it out on my blog just like so many bloggers out there. I did and I was exploring the new features of this setup when I ran into the problem. I have Thesis theme version 1.7 installed on my blog, as you may already know and everything was looking compatible with WordPress 3 till I clicked on Custom File Editor option of Thesis.


I was confronted with the below error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function use_codepress() in /home/content/46/5420546/html/wp-content/themes/thesis_17/lib/admin/admin.php  on line 42

I had no idea what codepress is and why it is used in Thesis. So I googled to check out whether anybody else faced the similar problem and surely I stumbled upon this post describing the problem. After more search, I found out that CodePress is javascript based syntax highlighting editor used behind the scenes, in what we, Thesis users, call Custom File Editor. Since, codepress has been deprecated in WordPress 3.0 due to browser incompatibilities, Thesis theme ran into the current problem.

What’s The Solution?

Well, it’s pretty simple! Follow the below steps and you should be good.

1. Connect to your domain host using FTP client like FileZilla (my favorite!)

2. Go to the location mentioned in the error message i.e. wp-content/themes/thesis_17/lib/admin/

3. Download admin.php to your local machine and open it using any editor of your choice

4. Just comment out line number 42 (mentioned in the error message) by adding two forward slashes before it:

//if (use_codepress()) add_action('admin_print_footer_scripts', 'codepress_footer_js');

5. Upload the updated admin.php to the wp-content/themes/thesis_17/lib/admin/ and you are done!

You should be able to use Custom File Editor now without any hassle. The only thing missing would be syntax highlighting, but until Thesis developers come out with some concrete solution, we will have to live with that. I am sure Thesis team is already looking for alternative solutions. Keep your fingers crossed and keep geeking!

P. S. Don’t forget to keep backup copy of admin.php, just in case anything goes wrong.


46 comments on “Thesis 1.7 Custom File Editor Errors Out In WordPress 3.0”

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  2. Kay Reply

    yea, but if you would just use FTP all the time, you wouldn’t have this problem…

    • Harsh Athalye Reply

      That’s true, but using custom file editor is much more simple for me. I only use FTP route when absolutely necessary. Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. Hesham Reply

    Thank you so much for posting about the error, I haven’t upgrade yet because I was expecting problems :)

    I have got an email from my friend Pascal of telling about this issue and redirecting me to your post!

    • Harsh Athalye Reply

      Hi Hisham,

      It’s always a make or break situation with new releases. I wasn’t expecting Thesis to break though, but unfortunately it did. Hence, I shared my experience. Pascal has been very kind to have spread the word about my post. Thanks for commenting and let me know if you find any other problems with WordPress upgrade.

  4. Bill Reply

    Had the same prob and fixed it with //. Picked it up on diy forum yesterday.Were that the only problem – but it isn’t, by far. Check out the wordpress forum – especially with regard to images. In my particular case my image widgets are dropping like flies. Every time I update one – boom – it’s worthless, because the image won’t load. Now, if someone has a solution to this issue, that’d be great.

    • Harsh Athalye Reply

      Hi Bill,
      It might be the problem due to your plugins. Try deactivating all the plugins and then check whether problem still appears. If not, then reactivate plugin one at a time to find out which plugin is causing the issue. Hope it might help.

  5. Thomas Griffin Reply

    Thanks for the fix..I was wondering about how to fix this issue. I knew what the problem was…just didn’t know how to get around to fixing it without disabling syntax highlighting. But I suppose I can live without that for now. :-P

  6. Felix | Blogging Access Reply

    I also got a problem on this version even though I didn’t use thesis theme. I think everyone got the problem about the wp 3.0 version.

    When I encountered the problem, I didn’t know what to do then I decided to contact hostgator live support and asked them to undo my previous wordpress version. I am glad that they did it successfully.

    Now, I am still using the previous version and waiting for some more errors of wp to be totally fixed that would be compatible to all wordpress user not just for those wp users who also use thesis theme.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I got from my friend PASCAL of fourblogger.

    – Felix Albutra

    • Harsh Athalye Reply


      I am seeing lot of issues reported in WP forums and I hope WP is on top of the issues. Till that time, all we can do is wait and explore to see if there are any parts of the WP setup that are breaking, especially plugins. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Sherryl Perry Reply

    Thanks for the tip. I am holding off for a while on the wp 3.0 upgrade but this tip led me to your blog. I’m following you on Twitter now and am looking forward to learning more from you.

    • Harsh Athalye Reply

      You are welcome, Sherry. I am glad that you liked the blog and you are following me. In fact, I checked your blog and it looks to be quite nice. I hope we both can learn something from each other. :)

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  9. KS Chen Reply

    I faced the same problem too. I just delete the codepress from my admin.php. It works! But i think i might lost some interesting good features of THesis at the same time. I hope that Thesis Team can really solve this problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your sharing!

    • Harsh Athalye Reply

      Nothing to worry. Only thing missing would be syntax highlighting, but that’s not a big deal till next Thesis update. I am glad you liked the post. Thanks for comment!

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    • Harsh Athalye Reply

      Hi Heidi,

      I haven’t faced this issue with my upgrade. What I can suggest is you de-activate all your plugins and try to check if that helps because most of the problems with WordPress 3.0 are with incompatible plugins. If that works, enable plugins one by one to find out the culprit.

      If that doesn’t work, contact your host support and switch back to older version of wordpress. In the meantime, report this issue in the Thesis forums so that it can get proper attention.

  11. Dennis Reply

    I’m having the same problem as Heidi – blank white screen. I even went in & fixed line 42 of admin.php, but still getting that blank white screen. Dennis NOT happy. Is there any help?


  12. Brian Reply

    I’m sitting here going through my 3.0 update at 2:30am and I can’t tell you how helpful this information was. I appreciate you passing it along for everyone!

  13. Laura Reply

    My custom file is also a blank white page/ does not load. I already went through all my plugins and ended up deleting all the tmp files and manually installing WP3. Yesterday my whole blog came up as a blank white page so just having the custom file for Thesis not load is a massive improvement. I am going to make any changes to the Thesis custom file through ftp and just leave the code alone until someone comes up with a solid sounding solution. I don’t want to put more time into fixing WP this week.

    • Harsh Athalye Reply

      That is a wise decision, Laura. I suggest that you wait till Thesis developers comes out with update which makes Thesis more compatible with WP 3.0

  14. Alana Burton Reply

    Thanks for the post! I was so glad to find a quick and easy solution on the first result I found when Googling this issue just now. I had thought I’d temporarily bunged something on a custom file but am glad it should be something the mighty Thesis bods are probably already on :-)

  15. Sumon Reply

    This is great post, but I can’t do this, I was trying this but I was failed. Please, give me solution.

  16. Jane Reply

    Thanks! This really helped! Didn’t click it was a problem with WordPress 3.0 untill I read this! :)

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